When it comes to lapel pins, there are a lot of other companies our customers could choose to fulfill their custom pin needs. However, U.S. DOD Coins clients choose us because they want quality lapel pins from a lapel pin company that recognizes and lends itself entirely to serving an elite group of individuals. As an exclusive pin maker, we take a great deal of pride not only in our custom lapel pins, but also in the type of clients we serve. Providing lapel pins, custom designed for those who serve our country and fight for the greater good, is an honor and a privilege that we take to heart and is dutifully displayed in craftsmanship of our custom made lapel pins.



Cloisonné Lapel Pins are often described as the boldest and most vivid style of customized pins. Always in high demand, the cloisonné pin is often used as a promotional or a commemorative lapel pin. The popularity of this style comes from its sparkling jewelry-like quality and appearance as well as its unmatched depth of design which comes from graphics being pressed into the metal rather than simply being stamped onto it. The quality of the color is often richer than most because the paint, which is a form of powdered glass, is added on manually, one color at a time and heated at over 1500 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure that the colors will not run into each other or bleed.

Soft Enamel Lapel Pins are our second most popular custom made pin style. Though soft enamel pins do not sparkle and shine as much as the cloisonné, they offer a desirable and very fascinating 2-dimensional quality that many of our clients love. The way that a chosen image is added to the lapel pin creates raised and recessed areas on the pin's surface. These varying areas are filled with enamel paint, by hand and one color at a time until the lapel pin design is complete and ready to be fired in our manufacturing oven.

Most commonly used as uniform, reward, years of service and recognition pins, Die Struck Lapel pins differ from the soft enamel and cloisonné styles in only one way. That is, they do not have any color fills. Where the two previously mentioned lapel pin styles would have powdered glass our enamel paint poured into the needed areas, die struck pins are simply plated with one or more metals. For added character the pins can be antiqued by using darkening powder in the recessed areas, giving the lapel pins an aged look.


Lapel Pins Price Chart



Bobble Heads

Blinkie Lights



Polished Gold

Polished Silver

Black Nickel

Antique Gold

Rose Gold

Duotone (Any 2)

Antique Silver

Antique Copper

PVC Pouch

Velvet Bag

Acrylic Case

Velvet Box


3D Image+100.00 per side


Offset Print Image+100.00 set up fee


Epoxy Coating+0.30 per side/per coin


Coin Edges+0.35 per side/per coin


Keychain Attachment+0.55 per coin


Sequential Numbering+0.35 per side/per coin


Antiquing Effect+0.55 per coin


Glow-in-the-Dark-Enamel+0.20 per side/per coin